Teresa Tomlinson

U.S. Senate, Georgia

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Teresa’s family comes from generational poverty in rural South Georgia. Her mom married her father at 16 years old and didn’t finish high school because she was needed to care for his elderly parents. Thankfully, Teresa’s mom was able to find a union job working in the meat department of grocery stores. The only way Teresa and her sister were able to live the middle-class lives they did and go to college was because their family was lifted out of poverty by the union jobs of her grandfather and mother. Teresa believes our government is a partner in our prosperity.

The journey of her grandparents and parents gave Teresa a perspective on how hard life can be for those without access to prosperity. Her parents and grandparents struggled and they made it because they earned a living wage and had access to benefits.

Teresa ran for mayor because she wasn’t satisfied with “the way things had always been done.” She disrupted the status quo, brought people of different economic and social backgrounds together to revitalize blighted neighborhoods and rebuild the community, and changed the Columbus power structure in order to reflect the demographic make-up of those represented by elected officials.

Now Teresa is running for US Senate because she understands that government is a tool to resolve our challenges and create a road map to our improved prosperity. As mayor, she shook up the old way of doing things and made government work for the people. Teresa plans on bringing strong progressive leadership to the U.S. Senate.

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