Jessica Cisneros

U.S. House, Texas 28

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Jessica Cisneros was born and raised in Laredo, Texas. When her older sister needed urgent medical care that was only available in the United States, her parents immigrated here to start a new life for her family. Her dad picked fruit and started his own trucking company to make ends meet and ensure his two daughters could make it through high school.

Cisneros now works as an immigration attorney who supports immigrant families just like hers. She supports a pathway to citizenship, revamping the visa system, strengthening family reunification, and creating a humane border policy.

She is also committed to organized labor and supports a $15 minimum wage. Because teachers made a big impact in her life, and for millions more across the country, she supports increasing the salaries of teachers and protecting collective bargaining rights for workers. She will also fight for Medicare For All.

Jessica is running for Congress because the hardworking people of Laredo and South Texas deserve a representative who knows their stories, lived their struggle, and is committed to fighting for working people. This district deserves a leader who represents the community with guts and passion, who will aggressively pursue a bold vision for America, and who will fight to protect communities and families from the Trump administration and large corporations. Jessica Cisneros is that leader; we desperately need her voice, passion, and determination in Washington, DC.

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