Will Mbah

Somerville City Council, At Large

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Will is running for a second term on the city council because he wants to fight to keep Somerville a community for all. This has been his mission since he first took office and he has made great progress. But there is still so much work to be done. Will believes the city needs to preserve and empower the great community here. The city also needs to stand with workers at a time when they need support more than ever. Wages are flat, unions are under attack at the national level and more and more residents in this city are struggling to afford to stay. The city needs to look at the issue of equity. Will is all too aware of my lived status as the only person of color and only immigrant on the City Council. In this role, he tries to bring a voice to the issue of equity. He is going to fight to make sure that the issue does not get put on the back burner.

So many immigrant brothers and sisters are feeling the pressure of the national climate with ICE and deportations, as well as the burden and weight of gentrification and the abuse of power by investors and for-profit developers that are displacing them. Will has fought hard in office to represent the voices that have not been heard in the past and protect and empower the working class and immigrants of Somerville. He has voted in favor on a new Condo Conversion law that better protect tenants and slows down speculation, passed a transfer fee that will tax real estate speculation and use it toward affordable housing, helped to fully fund and staff the new office of housing stability and taken tough votes to vote down appointments to key boards in the city when the people being nominated have not been fierce advocates for affordable housing. This is why he is running for reelections.

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