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Mayor of Manchester

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Joyce was born and raised in Manchester and raiser her family there. She began her public service in 2007, serving on the Manchester School Board, and later the Board of the Mayor and Alderman. In 2015, she ran for Mayor against the Republican candidate and fell short by 64 votes. In 2017, she ran again and defeated the same incumbent by over 6 points, and was sworn into office in January of 2018.

Craig is running for a second term as Mayor because she loves Manchester, is proud of the progress they’ve made over the last 17 months, and knows there is more to do to help make her city the best place to live, work, and raise a family. As Mayor, she’s worked to collaborate with residents, non-profits, and the business community to find real solutions to these challenges.

Craig first entered public service because she was concerned about Manchester schools. Strong public schools are essential in attracting and retaining the young families and successful businesses that will help grow the economy– and in her first term, she been able to work to strengthen public schools, as well as bringing new jobs and businesses to Manchester and make headway on important social issues facing our community.

As mayor, she works everyday to help make Manchester a better place. When she took office, one of her biggest priorities was creating a collaborative culture and opening up access to city government to everyone, regardless of background. Since then, she’s regularly held office hours and forums across the city to ensure that everyone has a chance to have their voice heard and be part of coming up with solutions to the issues they face.

She’s also increased diversity on city boards and worked to celebrate the city’s diversity. In her first year in office, she raised the Pride flag at City Hall for the first time, and held ceremonies to raise the Haitian flag, the Congolese flag, and the Irish flag. As a result of her tie-breaking vote, there will be a question on the municipal ballot this year to place a student representative on the school board, and she has actively worked with groups working for racial justice including the Granite State Organizing Project and Manchester NAACP.

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