David Hayes

Knoxville City Council, At Large B

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David is an activist and working-class Knoxvillian who is committed to building a Knoxville for All; a Knoxville where all families, workers, and communities can thrive. David grew up in a working-class, Christian household with two veteran parents who are committed to pushing for social justice inside the church. His upbringing led to his commitment to activism and overcoming injustice. This passion began in his teens and led to his leadership in several community, political, and labor organizations. Through a number of hands-on experiences with various communities and organizations, David has gained the insight and courage necessary to bring needed changes to Knoxville’s city council. He believes that the people of Knoxville deserve a city council that will work with communities to improve folks’ daily lives. David is committed to transforming communities and building a Knoxville that works for all.

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