Tammy Morales

Seattle City Council, District 2

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The people of District 2 want to lead lives of dignity. Tammy wants affordable childcare and public transportation so the residents of the District 2 can work. The city needs affordable housing and an end to displacement and gentrification so working families can live in their communities. The city wants equitable and quality education for the children. Unfortunately, Seattle has become a city ruled by lobbyists and the ultra-wealthy with easy access to power. The consequences of this are obvious. The gap between those with everything and the most vulnerable has only continued to widen despite the city’s tremendous growth. As the most diverse District, the communities are disproportionately impacted by this gap. I’m running to build power for the voices of residents in District 2 and shift power away from the corporate special interests that have taken over the city. The job of city leaders is to listen to the people most impacted in communities when making every decision. Tammy’s mission is to amplify the voices of the racial, climate, and economic justice coalitions and make sure that those voices are heard. Together the residents can declare their right to the city and build the future they all deserve.

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