JB Smiley Jr.

Memphis City Council, Super District 8-1

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JB is running for office because he believes the district deserves more, families deserve more than empty promises. While part of the district is experiencing significant growth, the other areas are all but being ignored. The district has thousands of families that are some of the most under-served neighborhoods in the county. JB feels that the district is send thousands of the children to struggling schools year after year.

Imagine leadership that puts a halt to any discussions that strip schools of needed resources and leadership that equips teachers and parents with the necessary budgets so that the children graduate with the capacity to read, think critically, and be financially independent.

Imagine leadership that doesn’t just identify food deserts in the district, but actually takes proactive steps to recruit reputable grocery stores and healthy dining options for families.

JB will be the leader who stands in support of a livable wage – fighting for reform at the state house but also demanding good corporate citizenship from every company that receives a tax break in Memphis, Tennessee. He is committed to seeing Memphis grow in a way that both improves business growth and meets the needs of its undeserved communities. JB believes effective public service is what happens when collaboration, information, and negotiation meet inspired advocacy. It is his work as an attorney and with various organizations in the city that has inspired him to do more because Super District 8 deserves it!

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