Dean Preston

Board of Supervisor, District 5

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Dean Preston is one of California’s leading affordable housing advocates. He helped lead the fight to save rent control in 2008, formed and runs California’s only statewide tenant rights group, and works to strengthen housing policies to ensure that everyone has a right to safe, decent and affordable housing. Dean has taken on slumlords and speculators to save countless families from displacement and prevent homelessness. He has created visionary protections, including the only law in the nation to prevent evictions of teachers during the school year. Most recently, in 2018, he wrote and championed Proposition F, our city’s groundbreaking law to provide legal representation for all tenants facing eviction, and was an early backer of Proposition C, which tackles our homeless crisis by doubling housing and mental health care to our homeless population. Dean is running for Supervisor of District 5, one of the most progressive districts in San Francisco and in the nation. Dean has lived in District 5 over 20 years. His daughters attend public elementary school in the district. His neighborhood work includes protecting locally-owned district small businesses, forcing city hall to require more affordable housing from developers, and serving on the board of his neighborhood association. Dean is also a Democratic Socialist who advocates for fundamental change at the local, state and national levels. He believes everyone deserves a dignified, productive, and healthy life through universal policies like Medicare for All, social housing and free education.

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