Juan Marcano

Aurora City Council, Ward 4

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Juan is running because he believes that Aurora’s city council should work for the city’s working families and not for out-of-state developers, real-estate speculators, and extractive industry.

He first got involved in Aurora’s politics due to an attempt by the conservative majority to repeal an 18-year-old citizen-initiated ban on spending taxpayer dollars to subsidize a motor speedway. The city was using language that intentionally buried the lead under the guise of creating an entertainment district. Juan and others were successful in stopping the ballot measure, but that was just the tip of the iceberg.

Over the last three years, Juan has witnessed the conservative majority on council deride people for their housing status, fail to stand up for the district’s immigrant and refugee communities, continue to annex eastward in spite of studies finding that doing so is unsustainable, snub citizens concerned about oil and gas activity near their homes, allow people to become victims of gentrification, continue to hand out tax incentives to wealthy business while ignoring our 14,000 unit (and growing!) deficit of affordable housing, and more.

The city deserves better.

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