Anthony Nelson

Houston City Council, District F

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Anthony is running to fight for the people of District F. For everyone in the city who feels left out and left behind, those are the Houstonians he is fighting for. Residents in the city are finding it difficult to afford housing, the cost of living is increasing, yet income remains stagnant. The community deserves safer streets, more sidewalks, a better community policing strategy, and economic development. Anthony knows the struggles of families in District F and he wants to be an advocate for the issues of the community. He is running because the city needs a new generation of leaders to lead the charge for a more progressive Houston. Anthony is inspired to serve by the countless leaders he has met through his life. Since the election of Barack Obama, he has had the desire to lead in the community. One of the most inspirational people in his life is a City Councilwoman in a small town in Louisiana. After college, she returned to her small town to run for City Council and was successful in her bid by two votes. He is inspired by the voices in the community who are fighting for change every day and those who dedicate themselves to serving others. Anthony is running not because of the politics, but because of the purpose to empower the cities, hardworking families.

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