Marlena Brookfield

Cincinnati Local School Board

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Marlena is a Cincinnati native; she lives with her husband, daughter, and two fur children on the west side of town. Growing up, she was always the weird short kid, the equivalent of the village eccentric in both her elementary and high school. But rather than being an outcast, she made friends easily, and was honored by her graduating class with the title “Most Original”. There were times during early adulthood when she felt as though she had to choose between living up to peoples’ expectations, including her own, and being comfortable in her own skin. Marlena learned though, that there’s no reason a short woman with purple hair who didn’t go to the “right” schools, became a mother at 18, and still has a penchant for dressing oddly can’t be an agent for positive change.

She is running for Cincinnati Public School Board because public schools are where the work of creating a better future begins. Her experiences as both a CPS student and CPS parent have offered her insights into how the district has progressed over the years, and while there are things Cincinnati Public Schools does very well, there is definitely room for improvement when it comes to making sure all students have equitable access to learning experiences and opportunities. Marlena believes in investing in the future by investing in the ones who will BE that future. And with a large urban school district, those investments in the children of the district will make long-lasting positive changes impacting greater Cincinnati and beyond.

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