Alex Hansen

Livingston County Commissioner, Disctrict 5

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As a Michigan native, Alex Hansen knows first hand what issues face his constituents. From declining infrastructure to unaffordable public transportation, he is tired of the issues being passed around and avoided, now is the time for reform in Livingston County. Not afraid to put in the energy and resources, Alex says the difference between prior elections and this election is him. With an emphasis on family, Alex Hansen more than anything wants to see his community thrive and be given a fair opportunity and will fight for progressive ideas that will provide such.

With a history in banking and finance spanning over 10 years, Alex is well established with Banking Protocol and Regulations, as well as the policies surrounding financial strategy. Throughout his years in the finance industry, he has worked with numerous financial systems and analytics assisting clients’ unique financial situations. Therefore, Alex is well suited to work for the needs of Livingston County and aims to see an economy similar to that which existed pre-recession with him as County Commissioner.

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