Farrah Khan

Irvine City Council

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With a campaign based in promoting power to the people, Farrah Khan is not afraid to stand up for what’s right– even if that means being the only one to do it. She says the City of Irvine is ready for a progressive and proactive councilmember and is determined to give them such by getting her campaign out there as much as possible. As a former City Commissioner, current Executive Director of Interfaith Council, and PTA President/Board Member/School Site Council Farrah has a large group of supporters with shared values.

Before making her mark in local politics, Farrah began her extensive work in the biopharma industry where she worked my way up the corporate ladder as the youngest Quality Assurance Manager. This speaks to her perseverance even when the odds may not be in her favor. In her work as Community Services Commissioner for the City of Irvine, a Master Plan was developed with the people in mind. This plan promised a Veterans Cemetery, and a Great Park, among other things-- many of which were denied. As a result, Farrah made it a point to ensure to the people of the community, who had been let down by their local government, that these promises will be upheld. In a city of growing diversity, Farrah Khan is fighting to bridge the gaps as residents of the city of Irvine.
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