Elora Diaz

Governing Board, Phoenix Elementary School District #1

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Elora is running for school to make sure that more students have the opportunity to choose their future whether that means going to college, pursuing a technical trade, or some other path. Further, this district represents a student population that is 90 percent students of color. It is critical that these students see someone who looks like them in positions of leadership. They need to know that their opportunities are endless and they too can have a place at the table.

As a school board member, Elora will have three priorities: attracting and retaining the best teachers and staff ensuring that children have opportunities to thrive, providing parents and families a seat at the table to make sure their voice is included in decision-making and ensuring decisions are made through a strong equity lens so taht students have the resource they need to reach their full potential.

Elora is committed to fighting for students who have been oppressed by an ecosystem of racial and socioeconomic inequities because she believes that every child can be a leader and a great asset to their community.

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