Mindy Denninger

Michigan State House, District 46

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Mindy is a lifelong Michigander, born in Detroit, and raised in Sterling Heights. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Michigan State University and worked as an engineer in the automotive industry for over three decades.

Mindy has worked as an engineer where she solved problems and made improvements. Now she would like to try that in her state House of Representatives. Instead of “fighting” for special interests, she will use creative thinking to propose fixes that benefit all of the people, businesses, and environment of our state with efficiency and value.

Mindy, like her fellow citizens, is concerned to see some current Legislators express contempt for the very organization that they fought to join. They would smugly choose inaction and counter prioritization even as Michigan crumbled. She will not give up on government. She does not want to make it bigger, or smaller she wants to make it better and see how it could be. . As a political newcomer Mindy does not have a track record to refer to, however, she is deeply committed to the idea that all people are created equal and are deserving of fair opportunities to pursue a happy life. She supports the Movement for Black Lives Matter, as well as women’s rights and LGBTQ equality. Michigan has a long way to go, and she is optimistic that progress can be made if there is a flip in power in the State Legislature this year.

Mindy supports the current citizens-led proposals to improve voters rights and end gerrymandering in Michigan. That will give people a say in selecting who makes the decisions that will impact their lives. Mindy is running a grassroots campaign listening to her constituents and not special interests; she is committed to proposing science and facts based legislation that improves the lives of all people.

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