Marty Wilde

Oregon State House, District 11

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Marty grew up poor in rural Oregon through loving, hardworking parents, food stamps, Medicaid, and strong public schools, he graduated college and then law school. Marty joined the military and have served 23 years between active duty and reserve service, including deployments to the Middle East, Bosnia, and Afghanistan during which he served as Chief, Rule of Law in Afghanistan, helping to rebuild the Afghan justice system, and he was awarded a Bronze Star for his service. He also deployed in support of peace operations in Bosnia, to the Middle East as a military prosecutor, and in the NORAD Air Operations Center. Marty currently works as Executive Director of the Lane County Medical Society and serves as a Colonel in the Oregon Air National Guard.

Marty wants to pay back the investments Oregon made in him and ensure that those services are available for the next generation of kids. The public education system, healthcare, and housing supply are all under attack by advocates of a heartless extreme philosophy that says that we can’t afford to invest in our children, families, and the elderly. Marty believes that these are the best investments any society can make, and compassionate Oregonians agree with him. He wants to fight for preserving those values at the State Legislature in the face of an assault from DC.

Marty believes that all children deserve a high-quality public education, from preschool through college. Healthcare is a human right and should be accessible to all. Families deserve affordable housing in safe communities, with access to high-quality childcare and public transit. Elderly people deserve high-quality health care regardless of their ability to pay, including home health services to keep them independent and safe residential care if their needs require more care. Marty is running a grassroots campaign for progressive values fighting for equality, reproductive, environmental and social justice.

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