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Mayor of Oakland

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A voice for everyone in the city of Oakland, Cat Brooks, is running to serve all of Oakland and not just the elite few. Cat has been driven by a need to create an equitable local government that represents everyone in the city. Through her work across several movement spaces and with the California State Legislature, Cat personifies the administration of justice and equity.

As Mayor of Oakland California, Cat plans on prioritizing the children of Oakland by improving every aspect of the education from school nutrition to job training resources. This essentially will lead to the improvement of an economy that works for everyone in Oakland. Cat Brooks will invest in recruiting progressive companies to base in Oakland and encouraging union jobs that pay living wages.

With a homelessness crisis enveloping Oakland, Cat is driven by a moral obligation to immediately provide safe, dignified shelter for ALL. Cat will find real solutions to improve public safety by prioritizing the budget for Oakland towards true crime prevention measures such as early childhood development, mental health services, substance abuse prevention and treatment, housing and job training centers.

Cat is running to re-energize a city where the voices of those who cannot afford to purchase a vote in City Hall can rest assured knowing their elected leadership is working for them. Right now, there is an urgent conversation that is reverberating throughout the country and in Oakland about the influence of corporate money on those who are supposed to work for the best interest of constituents.

Cat’s campaign is about putting the people into the halls of power and collectively creating a new way of governance that is people driven and people-centered. As a leader in the Movement for Black Lives, Justice Teams Network, Anti Police-Terror Project, National Lawyers Guild, work with the California State Legislature and so much more, Cat has a track record of fighting for equity and justice. From street heat that jailed the cop that killed Oscar Grant, to the first Department of Race and Equity - she has a track record of action and results.

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