Brandi Geoit

Pasco County Commissioner

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Brandi Geoit is a progressive leader, nonprofit director, mother and social worker in Pasco County, running for Commissioner because she sees a government too concerned with big corporations than with the working families of District 4. The daughter of a UAW member and a veteran, she grew up in Michigan, after earning her degree in social work. Brandi now lives in Pasco County with her daughter, and has dedicated her career to improving health care access, advocating for people living with HIV/AIDS, ending hunger and homelessness, and improving services for returning veterans.

Pasc County has traditionally been held by Republicans but in 2018, with recordbreaking turnout, a transforming electorate, and a powerful slate of progressives running up and down the ballot in Florida, races for County Commissioner are more flippable than ever and Brandi is ready to organize to lead the way.

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