Adrienne Bell

U.S. House, Texas 14

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Adrienne Bell is a teacher, fighter, and an advocate who is prepared to represent the voiceless in Congress. She is a second grade school teacher with Houston ISD, the largest school district in Texas. She served as a Deputy Field Director with Battleground Texas, and on the Houston staff for the Obama 2012 election campaign.

Adrienne is a Houstonian who grew up in the South Park community. Her father, who had a 6th grade education, was a car attendant for the Houston Police Department. Her mother had a 10th grade education, and worked as a waitress and a maid. Adrienne grew up believing in the American dream, and has worked hard to fulfill its promise in her life.

Adrienne believes healthcare is a human right, and vows to fight against the loss of protections for pre-existing conditions or coverage for mental illness by pursuing Medicare for All. She has plans for new investments through federal grants to revitalize the port cities, rebuild infrastructure, and create green jobs across the district. She will push legislation to secure equity in education, because she believes a quality education should not be based on a student’s zip code. She believes in a woman’s right to choose, and will fight for criminal justice reform. When elected to Congress in November, she will be the first black woman to ever represent Texas’ 14th Congressional District.

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