Jill Schiller

U.S. House, Ohio 2

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Jill Schiller is a mother, a former attorney, a founder of a successful nonprofit that focuses on children’s literacy, and a former Obama Administration staffer. She cares deeply about the future of our Nation and the Ohio 2nd Congressional District, where she is raising her two precious children.

Like most people in Ohio, Jill grew up in a home that valued education and hard work. Jill’s dad is a retired water worker and proud union member. Her mom was an office manager. When Jill was 7, her mom was diagnosed with Lupus – a disease that occurs when your body’s immune system attacks your own tissues and organs. Without her dad’s union benefits and healthcare, her family would have been forced into bankruptcy due to the cost of her treatment. Jill truly understands the importance of quality, affordable healthcare and the physical, financial, and emotional toll of being a caregiver.

Jill went on to become the first in her family to graduate from college, to run a consulting business that serves local nonprofit organizations, and to start a nonprofit that focuses on children’s literacy. Jill knows what it means to start a business from scratch. The people of Southern Ohio need access to a quality education, good jobs with strong benefits, and affordable healthcare that will allow their families to thrive.

Jill is running for Congress because families in Southern Ohio deserve someone who champions their values. The game is rigged against working Ohioans. The culture of corruption that dominates Washington leaves the values and interests of the people behind, while big money lobbyists play politics with our healthcare and wages. Our education system needs to be funded, our healthcare is too expensive, and jobs are leaving the district in record numbers. Lobbyists and Wall Street continue to receive corporate bailouts while Ohio families worry about their future. Jill will fight for real solutions for our families.

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