Wesley Bell

St. Louis County Prosecutor

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A native of North St. Louis County, Wesley Bell has focused his career on representing the poor and disenfranchised. Upon graduating from University of Missouri’s Law School, Bell returned to St. Louis to work as a Public Defender. In this capacity, he represented hundreds of disenfranchised clients throughout the St. Louis region, seeing first hand the failures of the criminal justice system.

Over the course of his career including service as a Public Defender, Prosecutor, and judge Bell has been a vocal leader in criminal justice reform, including being the first prosecutor to recall of thousands of non-violent municipal warrants. As a leader in the restructuring of the City of Ferguson Police Department and Court System, Bell helped move both from being a profit-driven system to justice aligned.

As a member of the Ferguson City Council, Bell worked with the Department of Justice to implement the consent decree to reform the City’s criminal justice system. Such work included more thorough training for police, reforming the use-of-force policy, and overhauling the municipal court system. He also worked to establish the North County Police Cooperative, a consolidation of several Police Departments, that is more efficient, accountable and simultaneously prioritizes community policing.

In addition to life in the courtroom, Bell has served as a criminal justice professor at St. Louis Community College (Florissant Valley). His demonstrated commitment to community and history of fighting for opportunity for those most marginalized by the system makes Bell the best choice to serve as the next Prosecuting Attorney of St. Louis County. Breaking through an entrenched system focused on over-prosecution and placing profit over justice, Bell is standing in the gap for those who have long been disenfranchised by the system.

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