Bryan Caforio

U.S. House, California 25

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Bryan Caforio is running for Congress in California’s 25th district to fight for middle class families, women, children, and seniors. Growing up in a house with two public school teachers, Bryan learned the value of hard work and the benefits that come from a great public education.

Bryan is running for this office because the 25th’s current Republican Congressman’s positions are wildly out of touch with the district, voting in lockstep with Donald Trump and against the rights of women, immigrants, and working families. Republican Steve Knight is an anti-choice climate denier, who supports the devastating healthcare repeal, the recent GOP tax scam, and who just recently said he thinks “Social Security was a bad idea”. Knight supports Trump’s anti-immigrant legislation, including the unconstitutional Muslim ban. Knight supports Trump’s anti-immigrant legislation, including the unconstitutional Muslim ban, and wants to allow federal workplaces to discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation.

Bryan is running to build a just, equitable economy that works for all working families, and not just the wealthy few. That means Medicare for All so that no family has to worry about an unexpected health emergency sending them into bankruptcy. Bryan supports comprehensive immigration reform so that 11 million people can come out of the shadows and fully participate in our economy. Bryan knows we must protect the environment so that our families can have the peace of mind that the air they breathe and the water they drink is safe. He will fight for campaign finance reform so lawmakers start working for the people they were elected to represent instead of the special interests. He will protect Social Security and Medicare so that our seniors can retire with dignity. We need a freer, fairer system so that hardworking people have the opportunity to succeed, and Bryan Caforio will fight for that system every day he’s in office.

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