Laura Moser

U.S. House, Texas 7

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Laura Moser, a working mom turned progressive activist, is running for Congress in Texas’ 7th district to build a better America. She understands that racism, sexism, violence, and income inequality are not “check-the-box” issues— they are inescapable features of our day-to-day lives that must be confronted and resisted.

Laura grew up in Houston and worked for many years as a writer and journalist, where she immersed herself in a wide range of issues including K-12 education, travel, and women’s health. Inspired by the 2016 Presidential election, Laura started an activist organization from her living room called Daily Action, which sends users an alert every weekday with a simple action to take to push back on government stances they disagree with, making civic engagement easy and painless—connecting citizens to their legislators with a quick swipe of their phones.

Laura believes that it is time to elect leaders who take pride in their progressive values: women’s rights, structural racism, fair pay, and equitable educational opportunities for all. She will fight for policies that benefit working families in Texas’ 7th congressional district.

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