Terri Jamison

Associate Justice, Ohio Supreme Court

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I was a public defender and accepted court appointed clients that were indigent for criminal defense in my practice around the State of Ohio. During my time on the bench, I have used my experience, perspective, talent, and knowledge to develop new strategies to empower families, including the Compass Program, a collaboration with the Franklin County Child Support Enforcement Agency that provided child support obligors with the training and support needed to become employed.

I have devoted considerable time, energy, and attention to issues related to equal access to justice, diversity, inclusion, and the need to develop alternatives to detention for juveniles. I am seeking election to the Ohio Supreme Court to preserve an independent and co-equal branch of state government, and to use the power of the Supreme Court to ensure “Equal Justice Under Law” becomes a reality for all Ohioans. A 4-3 majority defends democracy and upholds the express will of the people, using the law to prevent gerrymandering the state’s General Assembly and Congressional districts. The court is the check and balance on other branches of government.

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