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Campaigns | Electoral Manager

OVERALL: Democracy for America seeks an experienced Electoral Manager to help to drive the strategic vision and overseeing candidate recruitment, endorsements, and candidate deliverables, campaigns and staff support, with an emphasis on guidance and leadership development, as well as DFA’s lead representative of organizational electoral work for allies, primary driver of strategic partnerships with progresive movement organizations, and Democratic Party institutions in the implementation of electoral campaigns. ​

The Electoral Manager works closely with the electoral team and other project appropriate staff to ensure DFA electoral campaigns reflect the organizational strategic vision, have the highest possible member engagement and campaign impact, and meet department goals.

Strategic Leadership:

  1. Develop and drive the electoral department strategic vision, including ensuring a shared lens of race equity across all department work, materials, and prioritization.
  2. Identify structural barriers, practices and internal biases active in DFA, the progressive movement and America which work to create inequity; advocate for and actively work to create equity for all people (ie: race, gender identification, sexual orientation, disabilities) both externally and internally, specifically helping colleagues be accountable to this mission, especially in internal leadership spaces
  3. Monitor candidates for office nationwide DFA is, could, or should be supporting to ensure electoral team campaigns are relevant, effective and engage members and the progressive movement at large at the highest level of impact possible
  4. Work with the Executive, and other project appropriate staff to determine organizational priority of specific candidates that drive forward DFA’s organizational mission, match member interests, and develop the DFA brand with DFA members and the progressive movement at large.
  5. Attend and represent DFA when appropriate in external meetings, partnerships and conferences
  6. Lead process of hiring new Electoral Team staff when needed
  7. Ensure Electoral Team programs and projects stay on or under budget 
  8. Develop training materials to orient Electoral Team members, DFA staffers, interns, and where necessary, allies/leaders on the components of our electoral work and endorsement process - ensure all key staffers can communicate about our process and its values clearly and accurately
  9. Serve as one of the organizational experts on voter targeting and the pathways to victory - with a focus on challenging white supremacy and building a more reflective democracy
  10. Ensure Development Team has what they need to convey electoral priorities and opportunities to donors, helping with fundraising events, talking points, and candidate connections, potential conference calls with members, donors and candidates 
  11. Ensure Organizing and Communication Teams have what they need to convey electoral priorities to DFA members, leaders, allies, and media, including helping with talking points and candidate connections as needed
  12. Ensure electoral work in legal compliance, as well as tracked and reported to administrative team, and including training Electoral Team and other appropriate DFA staff on guidelines for electoral compliance; ensuring comprehensive and thorough internal systems for vetting, research and assessment; ensure compliance systems for candidate contributions and reporting
  13. Direct liaison with DFA legal team for coordinated electoral work 

Strategic Management:

  1. Oversee department strategy for hitting candidate recruitment goals by assisting department staff responsible for driving, building and implementing electoral campaigns in developing comprehensive plans to hit their recruitment goals.
  2. Oversee department strategy for hitting endorsement goals by assisting department staff responsible for driving the candidate endorsement process for each level of office in developing comprehensive plans to hit their endorsement goals.
  3. Oversee department strategy for hitting candidate deliverable goals, like money raised, volunteers recruited, and voter contact calls made, by assisting department staff responsible for driving, building and implementing candidate deliverables in developing comprehensive plans to hit their goals. 
  4. Oversee development and implementation of candidate and campaign staff trainings.
  5. Oversee DFA shared database (Zoho) to ensure it’s always up-to-date, maintained, and navigable for key staffers providing a thorough, sortable place to house our endorsement process and ongoing campaign-related data - including staffers, win numbers, field plans, vetting documents, fundraising totals, relevant media hits, win/loss ratios, and geography.

Office/Team Management:

  1. Working with Chief of Staff, set and maintain internal shared planning documents and systems, including templates for daily, weekly, and monthly planning
  2. Support full Electoral Team in their roles, especially as senior-level advisers on priority races
  3. 1:1 with Chief of Staff focused on guidance and direct assistance in supporting the organizations goals, projects, and plans
  4. 1:1s ad hoc as needed with individual department staff
  5. All Staff Meeting
  6. Endorsement Meeting
  7. Other ad hoc meetings and work as needed for internal DFA projects not directly linked to PD roles and responsibilities but needed for overall organizational engagement and commitments (I.E. Equity Working Group related meetings, electoral decisions that affect the entire org, etc)

Salary and Benefits:
Competitive salary including benefits such as health and dental insurance, unlimited vacation time,, and reimbursement of personal office expenses.

Hiring Process
To apply for a Democracy for America Electoral Manager position , please send a cover letter, resume and writing assignment to [email protected] by March 25th. 

 Writing assignment instructions:
You have the option to pick 1 of the following assignments below:

  1. Please write an email that will serve as your idea of a welcome kit for new candidates endorsed by DFA.
  2. Please write a 1 page “State of the race memo” for our endorsed candidate Tishaura Jones running for Mayor of St. Louis.  For example this would be a memo that you would write to update staff internally about the state of the race.
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