Protect Iowa’s Vote

Protect Iowa's Vote

Iowans pride themselves on their political participation, but recent moves from the state legislature to block participation pose threats to a free and fair election in November. 

In order to receive a vote by mail ballot, Iowans must request a form, fill it out, and mail it back to the county auditor ten days before the election. Iowa Secretary of State Paul Pate mailed a letter statewide with instructions on how to do so before the statewide primary in June to protect voters from unnecessary exposure to Covid at the polls, and shortly thereafter GOP legislators introduced an amendment that would prohibit Pate from mailing absentee ballots to voters who did not request them. 

Why not make it easier for Iowans to vote? This amendment and other Republican-backed measures like it (including a restitution bill for formerly incarcerated persons trying to restore their right to vote) raise the stakes of our work to protect Iowan’s right to vote safely.


Election Date (In-Person): November 3rd
Voter Registration Deadline: October 24th
Election day registration is possible at your polling place with an acceptable form of ID. 
Early Voting: Not Available
Mail In Absentee Request Deadline: October 24th, 5:00 pm
Mail in Absentee Return Deadline: November 3rd,  9:00 pm *

Absentee ballots received after the polls close on election day must be postmarked by the Monday before election day or earlier and received in the county auditor's office no later than noon on the Monday following the election.

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