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Statement on Conrad’s Budget Framework AH

May 4, 2011

After the 'Gang of Six' member Kent Conrad released a budget framework that comes closer to the draconian Ryan budget than the more reasonable proposals on the table such as the CPC People's Budget, Arshad Hasan, Executive Director of Democracy for America reacts:

"The last thing that Americans need for Democrats to do right now is to follow any of the radical recommendations from the Republican House budget. There are real alternatives… Read More…

Fracking House Party Release

April 18, 2011

At 200 House Parties on Sunday Night More Than 2,500 DFA Members Commit to Gather 100,000 Signatures on a Petition by Earth Day to Pass the FRAC Act After Call with Gasland Documentary Director, Josh Fox *******Watch the trailer for Gasland Here:******* Burlington, VT On Sunday evening thousands of DFA members gathered to watch the academy award nominated documentary, Gasland and then committed to… Read More…

Budget Statement April 14, 2011

April 13, 2011

DFA Praises President Obama for Calling for End to Tax-dodges for Corporate Millionaires and Calls on the President to Stop the Bleeding of Key Programs that Support the Middle Class Burlington, VT In anticipation of the Presidents speech today on the budget and the deficit, Democracy for America Chair, Jim Dean praises the Presidents intention to call to end the free ride for Americas wealthiest individuals. At the same time DFA… Read More…

New DFA/PCCC Wisconsin TV Ad: “Recall Momentum”

March 29, 2011

**************Ad can be viewed here:************** Today Democracy for America and the Progressive Change Campaign Committee released their next TV ad in Wisconsin, Recall Momentum. PCCC and DFA have spent over $500,000 on TV ads so far, and plan to keep running ads for weeks. The groups have also asked local members to volunteer on the recall, signing up thousands of shifts. The ad buy begins Tuesday,… Read More…

Debra Bowen Endorsement

March 23, 2011

District Overwhelmingly Chooses Bowen by 70% in DFA Member Poll Burlington, VT Democracy for America (DFA) endorses Debra Bowen today in the CA 36 after members overwhelmingly support her by 70% in online poll. DFA members statewide supported Bowen enthusiastically in her previous race for Secretary of State. DFA has more than 7000 members in the 36th district. Bowen has been an outstanding Secretary of State and she'll make an… Read More…

WI Ad Release

March 3, 2011

Ad Released by DFA and PCCC Chronicles Wisconsinites Protesting in the Bitter Cold to Protect Their Rights and Their Families ***************WATCH THE AD HERE:*************** Today, the Progressive Change Campaign Committee and Democracy for America released a new TV ad in Wisconsin accusing Gov. Scott Walker of launching a Republican war on working families. The ad features Wisconsinites at last… Read More…

WI Robocall Release

March 1, 2011

Wisconsin Teacher Records Robo-call Targeting Republican Senators Vulnerable to Recall Today, the Progressive Change Campaign Committee and Democracy for America launched joint robocalls in the districts of five Republican state senators three immediately vulnerable to a recall plus Senate President Michael Ellis and Sen. Dale Schultz (SD 17), who are vulnerable in a year. In the robocall to 50,000 voters, New London school teacher… Read More…

Advisory for Brown Release

February 28, 2011

******MEDIA ADVISORY****** DFA to Host Live Web Call with Sen. Sherrod Brown and Nancy Altman from Social Security Works to Discuss Progressive Budget Strategy With Short Term Compromise to Extend Budget Deadline, Progressives Strategize on How to Pass a Budget that Protects the Middle Class WHAT: Live call with DFA members, Sen. Sherrod Brown and Nancy Altman, Co-Director of Social Security Works to strategize on budget in next… Read More…

Patriot Act Progressive Caucus Release

February 11, 2011

Progressive Caucus Members Show Effective Organizing with Some in Tea Party to Protect Liberty of US Citizens BURLINGTON, VT DFA Executive Director, Arshad Hasan: Progressives know that Americans do not want to be spied on by the government. Thats why the Congressional Progressive Caucus fought to end these attacks on our liberty. The issue of liberty is one place where some conservatives and progressives agree in Congress. Hasan… Read More…

Take Back the Senate

September 27, 2010

While Senators Block Tax Cuts for the Middle Class, Dont Ask, Dont Tell and Countless Other Bills, DFA Works to Shake Up Senate BURLINGTON, VT Democracy for America, the people powered PAC, endorses progressive Senators who will move critical legislation forward. Going into November, DFA endorsed key challengers and incumbents who will work to break the gridlock in the Senate. Its time to get some new blood in the Senate and shake… Read More…

Do the Math - House Endorsements

September 20, 2010

Democracy for America Endorses 23 House Candidates Burlington, VT In a year when the media buzz is about potential Republican gains in the House, Democracy for America bucks the trend by endorsing 23 bold progressive House challengers and incumbents who could change the game. After a 67 percent winning record in the primaries, DFA endorsed candidates could change the equation with a strong showing making the House even stronger for… Read More…

Heroes Press Release

September 8, 2010

Top Ten List Includes Progressive Democratic Fighters in House and Senate BURLINGTON, VT Democracy for America, the people powered PAC, announced the winners of the DFA 2010 Progressive Hero endorsements - Senator Barbara Boxer and Representative Alan Grayson. The online vote asked the over one million members of DFA which incumbent Democrats deserved the full-force of DFA's nationwide volunteer network, raising tens of thousands of… Read More…

Grassroots All-Star Winner Announcement

July 29, 2010

Tens of Thousands of Engaged Progressive Activists Voted Online to Pick the Best Democratic Congressional Challengers for 2010 BURLINGTON, VT Democracy for America, the people-powered PAC, announced the winners of the Grassroots All-Stars endorsement contest today. Beth Krom D-CA (48th) was the winner, with Mac D'Alessandro (MA-09) in second place, and Bill Hedrick (CA-44) in third. This year 66,248 people voted online to make this the… Read More…

Joint Endorsement GHD/DFA Conway, Conlin

July 19, 2010

Gov. Dean: I disagree with the pundits who are again underestimating the American people, this can be a good year for strong progressive Democrats. BURLINGTON, VT Democracy for America, the people powered PAC, along with their founder, Gov. Howard Dean announced a joint endorsement today of Jack Conway (D-KY) and Roxanne Conlin (D-IA) for US Senate. I disagree with the pundits who are again underestimating the intelligence of the… Read More…

BP Bailout Press Release

July 14, 2010

Democracy for America, USAction/TrueMajority, and CREDO Action Launched Stop Big Oil Bailout Campaign to Call for End to Taxpayer Subsidies to Dirty Fuels BURLINGTON, VT Democracy for America (DFA), USAction/TrueMajority, and CREDO Action have joined forces to launch a new online campaign to call for the end of taxpayer bailouts of Big Oil. In the middle of the worst environmental disaster in recent history,… Read More…

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