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Jim’s statement on super committee - Patti Murray

November 1, 2011

Burlington, VT - Statement from Jim Dean, Chair of Democracy for America on Super Committee negotiations: If John Boehner and Mitch McConnell wanted to get serious about cutting the deficit they would let the rich pay their fair share like they did under the Clinton Administration when we had a surplus. But, instead they are proposing that we cut Social Security. Social Security by law cannot contribute to the deficit. It has a $2.7… Read More…

Jim’s Statement on super committee cuts to medicare and medicaid

October 27, 2011

Burlington, VT - Statement from Jim Dean, Chair of DFA on Democrats recommendations to cut Medicare and Medicaid: I am appalled and outraged by the recommendations from Democrats on the so-called Super Committee to cut Medicare and Medicaid in order to reduce the deficit. Our national deficit was caused by the Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest one percent of Americans and two unnecessary wars that were not paid for. The deficit was then… Read More…

Jim’s statement on ending the war in Iraq

October 21, 2011

Burlington, VT - Statement from Jim Dean, Chair of DFA on President Obama's announcement to end the war in Iraq and bring the troops home:

"President Obama kept his campaign promise today to end the war in Iraq and bring our troops home. We are thrilled to welcome them home in time for the holidays. We hope that Congress and the President will move forward now to keep the promise of the American Dream for these brave veterans.


Read More…

Ohio Launch Release

October 13, 2011

With 40,000 Members in Ohio, DFA will work to Get Out the Vote to Reject Kasichs War on Working Families Burlington, VT On October 5th Democracy for America launched its No on 2 campaign in Ohio with the goal of reaching 75,000 voters to defeat the job-killing Issue 2 on November 8th. - Modeled after our successful paid canvasses in the Wisconsin Recall fights, DFA will hire a total of 15 local staff to identify voters and get out the… Read More…

Jim’s statement on President’s Job Speech

September 8, 2011

Burlington, VT Jim Dean, Chair of Democracy for America on President Obamas speech on September 8, 2011: This speech is an important first step in turning the conversation in Washington back to where it should have been for the last year to jobs. The American people need jobs not cuts and so far no matter how much Democrats have tried to work across the aisle, Republicans have showed that they will always put politics in front of… Read More…

Eric Cantor DKTD Ad Release

September 1, 2011

*********WATCH NEW CANTOR AD HERE: **************

Burlington, VT Democracy for America announced today that it is expanding it's "Don't Kill the Dream" television ad campaign against Republicans with a new buy in House Majority Leader Eric Cantor's district. Last week, DFA announced the ad would run nationally on the Sunday talk shows and in the districts of Reps. David Rivera and Allen West.

Republicans… Read More…

CDP Press release

August 31, 2011

DFA and CDP Will Organize Professional Training for Future Political Candidates, Campaign Volunteers, and Grassroots Activists

The California Democratic Party and Democracy for America, (DFA) the people powered PAC, are teaming up to host four Campaign Academies in California this fall.

"We're excited to partner with Democracy for America's training academy," said John Burton, Chairman of the California Democratic Party. "These… Read More…

Dont Kill the Dream Ad Release

August 24, 2011

*** Watch the Ad Here: ***

National Ad to Run During Sunday Shows; Local Ads Target Reps. Allen West & David Rivera

A new 60-second television ad released today by Democracy for America targets Republicans for killing the American Dream and failing to create jobs. The ad, Dont Kill the Dream, which will air both nationally and in targeted congressional districts, features Americans who want Republicans in… Read More…

Post Dem Win in WI Release

August 17, 2011

Democracy for America Wraps Up First Phase of Unprecedented Recall Campaign

Burlington, VT - Today with the clear victories of Jim Holperin and Robert Wirch, Republicans strike out in their efforts to recall Democrats who stood up for Wisconsinites against Scott Walkers extreme budget.

"Wisconsin voters got their say and the message is clear: Republicans went too far, and Democrats are working for us. This is not an end, it is just the… Read More…

Post WI election release from Jim

August 10, 2011

Madison, WI - In an email to Democracy for America members today, Jim Dean, Chair of DFA praises their hard work and encourages them to fight another day:

"DFA Member -

I'm not going to sugarcoat it -- we came up short in Wisconsin last night. We needed to win three seats to take back the State Senate and we got two.

This was always going to be a tough fight. These were Republican districts and these six Republican Senators were… Read More…

Republican ad for Alberta Darling

August 4, 2011

Democracy for America and Progressive Change Campaign Committee Release NEW Ad in Alberta Darlings District; MoveOn Joins in to Increase NEW Ad Buy totaling $265,000 ***************Watch the New Ad here:***************

Madison, WI Democracy for America and The Progressive Change Campaign Committee released a new ad in Alberta Darlings district today. The new ad is aimed at Sen. Alberta Darling (R, WI SD-8), whose… Read More…

Jim’s statement on Debt Ceiling

August 1, 2011

Statement from Jim Dean, Chair of DFA, on the current state of the debt ceiling negotiations:

"Since 2004, the members of Democracy for America have steadfastly worked to change our country for the better. DFA members do this work on their own time, for no money, and little recognition for the satisfaction of knowing that they are doing something to make our Democracy work.

Never have I admired their efforts more than today as America… Read More…

WI Darling Ad Release and Press Call

July 29, 2011

Democracy for America and Progressive Change Campaign Committee Release NEW Campaign Ad in Alberta Darlings District; Contact Hundreds of Thousands of Voters on the Phones and at Their Doors

***************Watch the New Ad here:*************** ***************Listen to the recording of live press call from July 29***************

Madison, WI Democracy for America and the Progressive Change Campaign Committee… Read More…

AH/Sanders Statement on Debt Ceiling

July 22, 2011

"Maybe you have to live on K Street for this deal to make sense to you because it doesn't make sense to the rest of us out here in America."

Statement from Arshad Hasan, Executive Director of Democracy for America, on the current state of the debt ceiling negotiations: "The idea of cutting Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid at a time like this in our economy is simply heartless. This deal should be embarrassing for Washington… Read More…

New PCCC/DFA TV Ad: ” Luther Olsen vs. Poy Sippi Elementary School”

July 20, 2011

Watch the ad here: Today Democracy for America and the Progressive Change Campaign Committee released the new ad, "Luther Olsen vs. Poy Sippi Elementary School." The ad depicts Jay Jones and his family in front of Poy Sippi Elementary School which is being shut down due to budget cuts voted on by Luther Olsen. "Republicans have found a way to find multimillion dollar… Read More…

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