WI loss statement

Democracy for America: People Power Trumped by 31 Million From Big Business

Burlington, VT Today, people powered organizing fell to out of state money to

the tune of 31 million dollars. While the coalitions ground game mobilized a

sizable force of pro-recall supporters in the final two weeks, corporate

influence and special interest bought the election and saved Gov. Walker from

an embarrassing defeat.

Ive never seen a ground game quite like this,said Jim Dean, Chair

of Democracy for America. Volunteers in Wisconsin gave their absolute

all to recall Gov. Walker. While the

outcome was not what we hoped for, the support we saw from volunteers on the

ground and across the country was tremendous.

This movement started out over 15 months ago when Gov. Walker descended into

Madison with his divide and conquer strategy to destroy working people and the

unions that protect them, Jim Dean

continued. Masses mobilized and put up a sizable fight. Unfortunately, as weve seen in other races

corporations continue to make sure elections are bought and paid for by special

interest and the Koch brothers.

While Gov. Walker will remain in office - this fight is not over. We must continue to fight for all working

families, for women and for the very fiber of our democracy, said Jim Dean. Unless we see a change in campaign finance

laws and fight to overturn Citizens United, hardworking Americans will continue

to feel the brunt of these bad polices that directly attack working families. Democracy for America was on the ground in Wisconsin fighting back and

protecting working families for the past 16 months. DFA organizers led

three major get out the vote efforts in Racine, Madison and Eau Claire plus

organized calls on an online call out the vote tool.
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