VT Slate Release

Releases Slate of Endorsed Candidates in Vermont

Burlington, VT Today Democracy for America (DFA) endorsed 11 candidates who are seeking office in Vermont. DFA endorsed Peter Shumlin and

Cassandra Gekas as the best choice for Governor and Lt. Governor.

"Both Gov. Shumlin and Cass Gekas are

leaders who have the best interest of Vermonters in mind, said Jim Dean, Chair of Democracy for America. Its not just about relationships; its

about the integrity that each will use to govern. Thats why DFA is proud to endorse both Gov.

Shumlin and Cass Gekas. Each issue that matters to the people of Vermont they

keep that in mind.

Im honored to accept DFAs endorsement

for Governor, said Governor Peter Shumlin.

Their vision for healthcare for all is exactly what I want to accomplish

here in Vermont. With 45,000 Vermonters uninsured and 160,000 underinsured, a

single-payer system is the next step.

This plan will contain the skyrocketing cost of healthcare; grow the

economy and get health care off the backs of our small businesses. With DFAs support, I believe we will be able

to move Vermont to a health care system where all Vermonters have access to

quality, affordable healthcare.

I am honored to receive the endorsement

of Democracy for America. DFA is an

organization dedicated to the kind of grassroots, people-powered political

action that Vermont and our nation needs, said

Cass Gekas, a candidate for Vermont Lieutenant Governor. I have always been

a firm believer that motivating people to get involved in their political

landscape is essential to maintaining a thriving democracy. The hard-working staff and volunteers at DFA

share these values and promote them through their actions. I am proud to have their support and will

continue to embody the kind of politics that put people first.

Other Vermont endorsed candidates include:

Beth Pearce

for State Treasurer,

Tim Ashe

for Vermont State Senate,


Zuckerman for Vermont State Senate,

Phil Baruth

for Vermont State Senate,

Sally Fox

for Vermont State Senate,

Ginny Lyons

for Vermont State Senate,


Ingram for Vermont State Senate,


McCarthy for State Representative 3-1, and

Kesha Ram

for State Representative 6-4.



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