Non-Fed endorsement Round 2

    Strength of Party Depends on Supporting Progressive Candidates up and Down the Ballot

    Burlington, VT Today, Democracy for America (DFA),

announced several non-federal endorsements in states across the country for the 2012

election cycle. The national powerhouse is known for strengthening

progressive candidates at all levels of government who believe in

grassroots support. For candidates, earning the endorsement of DFA can

signal a sea change for their campaign.

    Democracy for Americas slate of

    Washington candidates is:

        Amy Biviano, WA State House District 4, and Jay Clough, WA State House District 8.

    Republican leadership in Olympia continues to disregard the needs of hard working Washingtonians, said Jim Dean, Chair of Democracy for America.

Both Amy and Jay are committed to strengthening the state of the

economy and have what it takes to change the conversation in Olympia.

Democracy for America's slate of Wisconsin candidates is:

Mike Quieto, candidate for Dane County Clerk, Randy Bryce, candidate for WI-AD62,

Melissa Sargent, candidate for WI-AD48, and Mandy Wright, candidate for WI-AD85.

"Democracy for America has had significant invovelemtn over the last few years in Wisconsin because we've seen what happens when Republicans take control on any state," said Jim Dean, Chair of Democracy for America. "They cut education funding, they destroyed unions, and dismantled the very fabric of our democracy. With today's endorsement of these four candidates, Wisconsinites have an opportunity to create positive lasting change in Wisconsin."

Democracy for America's slate of Pennsylvania candidates is:

Kelly Devine, candidates for PA-HD47, Chris Dietz, candidate for PA-HD104, Liz Forrest, candidate for PA-HD189, Steve McCarter, candidate for PA-HD154, Mark Painters, candidate for PA-HD146, Sarah Speed, candidate for PA-HD47, Will Sylianteng, candidate for PA-HD151, and Daylin Leach, candidate for PA-SD17.

"The Pennsylvania State Government has misplaced the values of the working class and that's why DFA has endorsed this slate of brave progressives," said Jim Dean, Chair of Democracry for America. "These candidates are dedicated to providing real solutions for their communities, not just excuses." Democracy for America's slate of Connecticut endorsed candidates are: Aldon Hynes, candidate for Connecituct House District 114, and Kate Tepper, candidate for Connecticut House District 142.

"I'm proud that Democracy for America has endorsed great progressive candidates so close to home," said Jim Dean, Chair of Democracy for America. "Both Aldon and Kate are members of their local Democracry for America group - and they are great progresssives, too."

Democracy for Americas slate of Florida

candidates is:

Ken Cornell,

candidate for County Commission District 3,


Neuhoff, candidate for Palm Beach County Commission District 5, John Alvarez,

candidate for FL-HD53, and David Lutrin,

candidate for FL-HD85.

The Florida government has lost the

respect of hard working people just trying to make a living and provide for

their families, said Jim Dean, Chair of

Democracy for America. From Rick

Scott, all the way down to the local level, Floridians are demanding more from

their elected officials. Its time we

vote with our conscious and vote for all 4 of these progressive candidates.


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