NH PollNumbers

Democratic hopefuls Carol Shea-Porter and Annie Kuster lead

their Republican Opponents

Burlington, VT Today, Democracy for America (DFA), released poll

numbers showing President Barack Obama leading Republican nominee Mitt Romney

by 6 in New Hampshire and democratic hopefuls Carol Shea-Porter and Annie

Kuster hold strong leads in their respective districts.

Statewide, President Barack Obama leads

Mitt Romney by 6 points with likely voters in New Hampshire. The margin of error for the poll conducted is

2.5%, making his lead well outside the margin of error. Voters in New Hampshire

overwhelmingly favor ending the Bush Tax Cuts for people earning over $250,000

a year and oppose turning Medicare into

a voucher program as proposed by Vice-Presidential candidate Paul Ryan.

In New Hampshires First District, Carol

Shea-Porter leads her opponent by a 4 point margin outside of the margin of

error. Asked whether voters in the First

District have a favorable or unfavorable of Shea-Porters opponent, Frank Guinta,

only 38% have a favorable opinion of

the work hes done in Washington, DC.

In New Hampshires Second District, Annie Kuster also leads her opponent by a 4

point margin again, outside the margin of error. When asked about the favorability voters had

of Kusters opponent Republican Charlie Bass, voters hold only a 39% favorable opinion of him.

This polling was conducted August 7th and 8th are a

strong indicator at how the Granite State will swing 84 days out from the

election. Jim Dean, Chair of Democracy for America said, Its time people

saw through these Republican lies. We

need to call a spade a spade and made it clear to the people of New Hampshire

that the Romney and Ryan budget will destroy Medicare and Social Security and

that folks like Carol and Annie will stand up and protect these important social

services not just now, but for future generations. Thats why Im proud that these two are

members of DFAs Dean Dozen.

The polling was paid for by Democracy

for America and was conducted August 7th and 8th in a

survey of 1,591 likely voters in New Hampshire with the margin of error falling

to 2.5%. In New Hampshires First

District, the poll surveyed 736 likely voters, for the Second District, the

poll surveyed 855 likely voters. The

Dean Dozen is DFA's highest tier of federal endorsement. It is limited to 12

total candidates running for either US House or US Senate and represents the

races that DFA will expend the greatest amount of resources on during the 2012


For results in New Hampshire's First and Second Districts, please click here: http://scr.bi/OrUG5j For Statewide poll results in New Hampshire, please click here: http://www.scribd.com/doc/102857484



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