Michael Tubbs Endorsement

Stockton, CA Today, Democracy for America (DFA) chair Jim Dean presented Michael Tubbs with a PAC check and a letter announcing DFAs endorsement for his candidacy for Stockton's City Council District Six. This is the first endorsement that DFA and Jim Dean have announced in person this election cycle.

"The City of Stockton has had some unfortunate national news this year", said Jim Dean, Chair of DFA. "But, with the help and vision from Michael Tubbs, a candidate who is truly a son of Stockton we can reinvent the city and bring renewed hope to all in the community."

Dean continued, "Michael has continuously looked for solutions to problems his community has faced, whether it co-creating Save our Stockton to organizing a back to school tour that instilled the importance of education for Stocktons youth, there is no doubt in my mind that Michaels a solution for the City of Stockton."

With the endorsement, Jim Dean presented Michael Tubbs' campaign with a PAC check of $2,500 and a letter announcing the endorsement. This is the second largest contribution to Tubbs' campaign the largest contribution received was check written by Oprah Winfrey for $10,000.

"I am honored to have Democracy for America join our movement", said Michael Tubbs, who responded enthusiastically to DFAs endorsement. "DFA revolutionized online and grassroots organizing and their endorsement is a testamentto how strong our people powered campaign to re-invent Stockton is. Despite the many challenges our City may face, I am truly optimistic about its future. I am confident we can take our campaign directly to the voters and put an end to bankrupt leadership that ignores the voice of the people."

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