Linda Ketner

Released: Monday, October 20, 2008

BURLINGTON, VT, our nation's largest progressive political action community, has endorsed Linda Ketners campaign to represent South Carolinas 1st Congressional District. Linda is running against out-of-touch Republican incumbent Henry Brown.

"Linda Ketner is a forward thinker with a well-earned reputation for getting the job done," said Jim Dean, Chair of DFA. "Linda Ketner will get down to brass tacks and make sure the economy works for South Carolinians and all Americans."

Linda Ketner is a proven leader and successful businessperson with an independent voice who has worked across party lines on the citizen side of politics for decades in South Carolina. Linda has worked as a management consultant for many Fortune 500 companies as well as government and nonprofit organizations. As a community leader, she has founded organizations for change and been recognized for her service with many community awards. Linda is running for Congress to help repair our damaged economy and to make government work again for the people of South Carolina.

Democracy for America is a key endorsement in this race, bringing donations from progressives and providing volunteers to participate in door-to-door, grassroots outreach. DFA has helped elect over 550 progressives to office from Governor Deval Patrick in Massachusetts to Rep. Donna Edwards in Marylands 4th Congressional District.

I really appreciate the support the Democracy for America endorsement represents, said Linda Ketner. Democracy for America empowers citizens to play an active role in their communities and that is what my campaign is all about.

"Linda Ketner will be a powerful voice for her constituents. Her opponent is not a leader, but a pathetic follower of the failed philosophies of George Bush and John McCain," said Daniel I. Medress, Communications Director of DFA. "Henry Brown is part of the problem of a bloated government that does not know how to live within its means. Linda Ketner is a businesswoman, a community activist, and a leader who will bring the change that the Palmetto state needs and deserves."

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