Heinrich Victory

Burlington, VT Today, Martin Heinrich defeated Republican Heather Wilson to become New Mexico's next Democratic Senator.

Democracy for America (DFA), a national progressive political action committee that strives to make the Democratic Party more progressive, endorsed Heinrich as a Dean Dozen candidate in August. With the title of Dean Dozen, Heinrich received the organizations highest tier of endorsement.

Tonight, Heinrichs campaign, with a boost from the DFA endorsement, outmaneuvered Wilsons campaign and secured a victory for Democrats.     

"Democracy for America and Democracy for New Mexico are revolutionizing campaigns by organizing and focusing the power of committed progressives from across New Mexico and the nation," said Martin Heinrich, Dean Dozen candidate for U.S. Senate in New Mexico. "I'm grateful to Jim Dean and the good folks at DFA for their hard work on behalf of my campaign and working families. We couldn't have done this without them."     

Heinrich, along with other newly-elected Senate Democrats, Tammy Baldwin, Elizabeth Warren, and Mazie Hirono will join progressive Sen. Sherrod Brown and Sen. Bernie Sanders as a strong progressive force in the U.S. Senate in January. DFA members across the state committed to getting out the vote to help elect a solidly progressive Senate to work alongside President Obama.     

"I had the pleasure of meeting and canvassing with Martin early in this election," said Democracy for America Chair, Jim Dean. "Martin not only gets why we need voices like his in the Senate, but holds firm the belief that Democrats can do more to create more jobs and end Bush-era tax cuts. I want to extend my congratulations to him and his tremendous team who pulled off a victory tonight."

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