Garcia Polls

Burlington, VT Today, Democracy for America (DFA), released

poll numbers highlighting Joe Garcias strong position in Floridas 26th

Congressional District, after Republican Rep. David Rivera continues to make

headlines amid ethics violations and concerns. Garcia, who is leading by 7

points (46% - 39%) against the embroiled Congressman, is expected to see larger

gains as more voters learn about Riveras improper funneling of campaign


In the poll conducted on September 12 and 13 in Floridas 26th Congressional

District, Garcias lead balloons significantly when voters learn more about the

FBI investigation against Rivera from a 7 point lead to a 13 point lead

(49%-36%). A full 66% of likely voters

have serious concerns or some concerns about Rivera being investigated by

the FBI and state officials for tax evasion, while 63% have those concerns

regarding improper use of campaign funds

Also asked in the poll were voters opinions on Medicare and

social security. Among likely voters in

the District, 59% disagree with Vice Presidential Candidate Paul Ryans plan to

end Medicare and create a voucher program.

More concerning for Rivera is that 665 favor and will vote for a

candidate who will preserve the program without any cuts. Jim Dean, Chair of Democracy for America said, Voters in Florida know

that we cant go back to the same in Congress thats why a majority favor Joe

Garcia instead of the ethically challenged Rivera. For voters who care about protecting and

preserving Medicare for future generations, Joes got your back and will make

sure that these programs that help Floridas seniors are here to stay.

Polling was paid for by Democracy for America and was conducted by Public

Policy Polling on September 12th and 13th in a survey of 578

likely voters in Floridas 26th District. The margin of error for

this survey was +/- 4.07%.

A Link to these polling results can be found

here A memo highlighting these polling results can

be found here



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