Donovan endorsement

Burlington, VT Today Democracy for America (DFA), endorsed Chris

Donovan for Congress. Donovan will continue to be a strong voice for Connecticuts

middle class.

"Chris Donovan has been a

champion of working families in Connecticut, said Jim Dean, Chair of DFA. He

began advocating for the hard working people of Connecticut while organizing

with SEIU in the 1970s. Since then,

Chris has been staunch defender of the middle class by fighting to raise the

minimum wage, not once, but three times.

Chris Donovan truly represents Connecticuts best interest in the middle


Donovan has long been responsible for maintaining high economic standards in

Connecticut. He helped balance the state

budget and eliminated a $10 billion dollar deficit in 2009.

Chris Donovan responded to the DFA

endorsement with enthusiasm:

Chris Donovan: It is an honor to earn the support and

endorsement of DFA. They share my belief that Congress should be working for middle

class families, and not just the 1%. I have spent my career fighting for

Connecticut's working families, and with the help of DFA, I'll fight for them

in Congress as well.



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