DFA: Trumpcare delay “outs” GOP for “lying to the American people” about Obamacare alternative

This afternoon, Republican House leaders found out they don't have the votes necessary to pass their miserable Trumpcare legislation and have apparently decided to delay the vote.  

Statement from Democracy for America's Charles Chamberlain following the delay of the Trumpcare vote:

"One good thing comes out of Donald Trump and Paul Ryan's failure to reach their self-imposed Trumpcare-passage deadline today: Republicans are finally starting to be outed for the seven years they've spent lying to the American people about the existence of some mythical GOP alternative to Obamacare.

"We have no idea if Republicans will eventually cobble together enough votes to send Trumpcare legislation to the Senate. However, if they do manage to pass something, Donald Trump and Republicans in Congress will own the over 24 million Americans they'll be shoving off their health insurance plans, the coming skyrocketing deductibles, and the untold number of deaths that will occur as a result.

"Trumpcare isn't a healthcare plan, it's a massive tax giveaway to the super-rich financed by the livelihoods and lives of the sick, poor, and the people they love.

"While we take some joy in watching both Paul Ryan fall flat on his face and the "great dealmaker" Donald Trump fail to strike a bargain with his own supporters, we aren't laughing too hard because we know, like some slasher movie villains, they'll be back for more soon enough.

"Unfortunately for them, we'll still be here, fighting back every step of the way." -- Charles Chamberlain, Executive Director, Democracy for America

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