DFA statement on presidential race as polls begin closing on June 7, 2016

A statement from Democracy for America Chair Jim Dean as we start receiving results from today's elections in NJ, NM, MT, SD, ND, and CA:

"Millions of Americans are still voting tonight and tens of thousands more will cast their ballot in the Democratic primary in the systematically-ignored District of Columbia next week.  

"However, no matter what the final results are tonight, this much we know is true: Bernie Sanders and the millions of voters, new and old, that the political revolution has brought into the political process this cycle have defined the terms of the 2016 race from the very beginning.  

“The unprecedented campaign that Bernie Sanders and his supporters have built over the last year has ensured that, from city council races to the fight for the White House, the Democratic Party of 2016 is more focused on dismantling the evils of income inequality, money in politics, and structural racism than ever before.

"Our party and our country has been made better by the political revolution Bernie Sanders helped inspire and, despite suggestions to the contrary, that will remain true as he continues his campaign until every last vote is cast and caucus is conducted.  

"The millions of new leaders and fighters Democrats will need to defeat billionaire bigot Donald Trump this fall have been brought into this campaign by Bernie Sanders.  As the primary campaign comes to a close, the very least the Democratic establishment can do, as it did for Hillary Clinton in 2008, is provide Bernie Sanders the time and the space he needs to determine the best steps he can take to help unite our party against Donald Trump in the days and weeks ahead."  -- Jim Dean, Chair, Democracy for America

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