DFA says Clinton auto attack is the “dishonest garbage that has Americans fed up”

During last night Democratic debate in Flint, Secretary Clinton leveled a verydisingenuous attack against Bernie Sanders's well-documented support for the auto bailout.

Here's a response from Democracy for America's Charles Chamberlain on Sec. Clinton's dishonest auto bailout attack:

"It's incredibly disappointing to hear Secretary Clinton misrepresent the facts about Senator Sanders's well-documented support for the auto bailout. 
"It's precisely this kind of dishonest garbage that has Americans fed up with the political establishment and flocking to leaders like Bernie Sanders who fearlessly refuse to play political games with the truth.
"The truth is muddying Bernie's record with falsehoods does not change Secretary Clinton's previous support for the massive corporate giveaways inherent in NAFTA, the TPP, and other job-killing trade deals that have come at great cost to American employees, consumers, and struggling working families."
"The voters of Michigan, Ohio, and this rest of working America deserve much better from Secretary Clinton than this false smear on Bernie's clear record of support for the auto bailout." -- Charles Chamberlain, Executive Director, Democracy for America
Probably goes without saying, but DFA endorsed Bernie Sanders for President after the Senator received 87.9% of the more than 271,000 votes cast in a DFA member endorsement vote in December.  This was the first presidential-primary endorsement in DFA's 11-year history.

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