DFA reacts to President Obama’s “sharp turn” in support of Social Security expansion

During his speech in Elkhart, IN today, President Obama, in a surprising about-face, came out for expanding Social Security benefits -- a position DFA members have been pushing for years, partially in response to the president's previous support for cutting Social Security benefits.

Here's a statement from Democracy for America's Jim Dean reacting to President Obama joining the grassroots' calls for Social Security expansion:

"Just over three years ago, I was at the White House helping deliver more than two million signatures opposing the cuts to Social Security benefits that President Obama had proposed in his 2013 budget.  
"Since that day in April 2013, DFA and its progressive allies have worked tirelessly, not just to fight cuts, but to go on offense and build momentum behind the broadly popular idea of expanding Social Security benefits.  First, we built broad support for Social Security expansion among Democrats in Congress.  Then, over the last year, Bernie Sanders's strong campaign has put Social Security front and center in the presidential campaign. And, now, Social Security expansion has seemingly earned the support of the same president we spent years battling over Social Security benefit cuts.  It's kind of remarkable and watershed moment for those of us who believe in the power of the grassroots.
"In short, if anyone has ever wondered what impact the grassroots political revolution behind Bernie Sanders is having on the future of the Democratic Party, the sharp, populist progressive turn that President Obama made today on Social Security expansion should answer those questions."  -- Jim Dean, Chair, Democracy for America

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