DFA on growing momentum behind Sanders’ “Medicare for All” bill

Over the last 24 hours, multiple members of the U.S. Senate have announced their decision to support Senator Bernie Sanders' "Medicare for All" bill which is set to be unveiled tomorrow (Wednesday).

Democracy for America is a strong supporter of Senator Sanders' bill and will be working with our members across the country to build on the rapidly growing support for Medicare for All.

Quick comment from DFA Executive Director Charles Chamberlain on the growing support for Medicare for All:

"In the last few days, we've seen the number of U.S. Senators backing Senator Sanders' Medicare for All legislation rapidly increasing and we wouldn't be surprised if this week ends with more than 20% of the Senate Democratic Caucus supporting the bill. 

"The growing momentum for Medicare for All is a remarkable turnaround for an idea that was deemed too radical to even debate eight years ago. However, it's really a testament to the political clarity of the policy and the steadfast work Senator Sanders has put into organizing support for it inside and outside the halls of power.

"Medicare for All legislation isn't going to be passed by this Republican Congress or signed by this President, but the momentum growing behind it right now has already ensured that it'll be a crystal clear goal of any progressive's agenda for years to come." -- Charles Chamberlain, Executive Director, Democracy for America

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