DFA LIVE Call: Merkley joins calls for suspension of SCOTUS hearings, responds to deal rumors

Tonight, on a call with Democracy for America members across the country, U.S. Senator Jeff Merkley joined the growing number of leaders calling on the U.S. Senate to suspend consideration of Neil Gorsuch until the cloud of concerns regarding the Trump administration's ties to Russia are lifted.

Complete audio of the approximately 45 minute call is available here: 

Rough transcript of the quote from Sen. Merkley (made about 5m26s in the audio above):

"Now, we know that there is another shadow hanging over this nominee and that is that, right now, there is an investigation of the Trump campaign for potential collaboration with the Russians in interfering with the U.S. Presidential election.  We've had the FBI testify -- they came on Monday morning, Director Comey -- and he put forward that there are multiple investigations under way.  Therefore, the Senate Minority Leader, Chuck Schumer, went to the floor and said 'While this cloud is over the Presidency, of potential collaboration with the Russians in the U.S Presidential campaign, we should suspend this consideration of the nominee from this President.'  And, I agree with that completely."

Also noteworthy on this evening's call: 

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