DFA calls Senate’s Obamacare repeal vote “epic display of unrepentant, political cowardice”

Here's a response from Democracy for America's Executive Director Charles Chamberlain to the Senate vote to repeal Obamacare:

"Early this morning, when most of the country was sleeping, in an epic display of unrepentant, political cowardice Senate Republicans took their first steps towards passing legislation that will strip tens of millions of their health insurance and ultimately lead to thousands, perhaps even tens of thousands, of American deaths.

"Truth be told, the biggest questions following last night's cowardly Republican vote aren't surrounding the GOP's non-existent Obamacare alternative, it's how many American kids will Donald Trump and his minions in Congress kill when they finally cut off the access to life-saving Asthma drugs or diabetes treatments that Obamacare provided?  

"And whether Republican congressional offices will start offering free cans of cat food to cancer patients who, with Obamacare gutted, will soon have to choose between eating and their next round of life-saving chemo treatments?

"For over seven years, Republicans successfully hid their failure to come up with any credible, comprehensive Obamacare alternative.  Unfortunately for them and our country, the consequences of that failure, up to and including the American body count it leads to, will be much harder to obscure." -- Charles Chamberlain, Executive Director, Democracy for America.  

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