DFA Calls for Networks to Stop Airing White House Press Conferences Live

Following the Trump Administration’s third White House Press Conference yesterday, Democracy for America (DFA) Executive Director Charles Chamberlain called on news networks to stop carrying the events live:

“When called out by journalists, the Trump Administration has justified its brazen lies by saying it will pursue ‘alternative facts’ or ‘disagree with the facts’ as a matter of course. This unprecedented new policy from the White House demands a different approach from the media than it has taken with previous administrations.

“The networks must refuse to cover these press conferences live.

“The press has an obligation to sort through the ‘alternative facts’ presented by this White House and give the American people an accurate picture of what our government is doing. The media falls short of its responsibility to the public if they are simply transmitting lies from the government in real time, without differentiating fact from fiction.” - Charles Chamberlain, Executive Director, Democracy for America

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