Democracy praises Clinton’s economic policy speech, urges her to oppose TPP lame duck vote

Here's a quick response from Democracy for America (DFA) to Sec. Hillary Clinton economic policy speech today in Warren, MI:

"Overall, Secretary Clinton's speech today illustrates a steadfast commitment to many of the populist progressive policy positions -- from debt-free and tuition-free college to Social Security expansion -- that she staked out both during and after her primary battle with Bernie Sanders.  Clinton's continued  commitment to these populist progressive priorities over the course of the general election will not only be helpful for rallying the grassroots progressive base of the Democratic Party over the next 88 days, but will also set us up to fight for those reforms with her in the White House."

"In particular, the clear opposition Secretary Clinton voiced to the job-killing Trans-Pacific Partnership "now...after the election... and as President" is the strongest we've heard from her to date and will undoubtedly help build the support necessary to kill this miserable trade deal once and for all.   However, it's now more important than ever that the country and President Obama hear specifically from Secretary Clinton that a vote on the job-killing TPP during a lame duck session of Congress must not happen." -- Charles Chamberlain, Executive Director, Democracy for America

As you may recall, yesterday, in conjunction with allies at CREDO, DFA launched a petition urging Clinton to publicly oppose a lame duck vote on the job-killing TPP.

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