Democracy for America’s response to June 7th Presidential Primary Results

A statement from Democracy for America's Jim Dean responding to the results on the June 7th primary results and the race for the White House:

“While we certainly would have preferred a different result in California, Bernie Sanders’s victories in Montana and North Dakota, along with his strong showings in New Mexico and South Dakota demonstrate that the political revolution will continue its fight for a Democratic Party that will fearlessly confront the powerful and advance big, bold populist progressive ideas.

“Even more exciting, while Bernie Sanders did not carry California in the presidential race, seven of the nine DFA-endorsed candidates in competitive primaries, who are deeply committed to the political revolution’s populist progressive values, won and are primed to win profoundly important victories in November.  

“From California’s next U.S. Senator, Kamala Harris, to Stockton’s next mayor, Michael Tubbs, and a host of other victories, the political revolution is just getting started in the Golden State and making crucial steps toward the reflective democracy our country needs.

“As for the presidential race, DFA believes, as we have since 2007, that the winner of the majority of pledged delegates should be the Democratic nominee.

“We also believe a grassroots, populist progressive movement that’s earned millions of votes for Bernie Sanders, brought millions of new voters into the political process, and is comprised of many of the future leaders and foot soldiers of a more progressive Democratic Party, shouldn’t have its timetable determined by Washington pundits and professional worrywarts.

“Bernie Sanders and the grassroots, political revolutionaries behind him have more than earned the time and the space, just as Secretary Clinton and her supporters did eight years ago, to determine the best steps we can take together to help unite our party against Donald Trump in the days and weeks ahead.” -- Jim Dean, Chair, Democracy for America

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