Democracy for America Endorses Martin Heinrich for United States Congress

Released: Monday, September 22, 2008

BURLINGTON, VT, our nation's largest progressivepolitical action community, has endorsed Martin Heinrich's campaign torepresent New

Mexico's 1stCongressional District.

"Martin Heinrich has been fighting for working men and women his wholelife and he's ready to take his progressive message of hard work andopportunity to Washington," said Jim Dean, Chair of DFA. "Whetherit was as an engineer, president of the Albuquerque City Council, or workingwith Rep. Tom Udall to preserve New Mexico's natural treasures, Martin Heinrichhas the skills, judgment, and experience to get the results that make adifference in people's lives."

Martin Heinrich grew up in a middle class family that worked hard to make suretheir children had the opportunity to succeed. His parents taught him to workhard, play by the rules, and to always lend a helping hand. As theexecutive director of an educational foundation, Martin was dedicated toproviding young people with natural science and environmental educationexperiences through wilderness expeditions. As Executive Director of theCottonwood Gulch Foundation, Martin Heinrich tripled the enrollment, acquiredmore land for the Foundation, and set up a permanent endowment forfunding.

Martin Heinrich served as President of Albuquerque City Council; his tenure aspresident has been called one of the most productive periods in Councilhistory. While on the City Council, Martin balanced the city budget everyyear and led the two year struggle to raise Albuquerque's minimum wage, after bringing together bothbusiness and labor leaders together to find common ground. Because of this, Albuquerque is one of four cities in the entire nation with aminimum wage above the state or federal level.

Democracy for America is a key endorsement in this race, bringingdonations from progressives and providing volunteers to participate indoor-to-door, grassroots outreach. DFA has helped elect over 550progressives to office from Governor Deval Patrick in Massachusetts to Rep. Jerry McNerney in California's 11th Congressional District.

"Democracy in our nation is based on the voices of every American,standing up and taking part in the political process. I'm honored to have theendorsement of Democracy for America, not only because of what it stands for,but also for the people it represents," said Martin Heinrich. "Thisis a grassroots, boots-on-the-ground organization that gets Americans involvedbecause like me they know that our nation has to start heading in the rightdirection, and we are the ones who have to make it happen."

"Hardworking New Mexicans have been left behind by seven years ofmisguided and misdirected Republican polices, that is why Martin Heinrichsupports a permanent middle class tax cut and a return to a fiscallyresponsible balanced budget," said Arshad Hasan, Executive Director ofDFA. "New Mexicans need a leader like Martin Heinrich to stand upfor their concerns and values. He will fight for a comprehensive energypolicy that breaks our dependence on foreign oil while working to bring ourbrave men and women home from the War in Iraq."


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