Democracy for America backs Aaron Peskin for San Francisco Board of Supervisors

OCTOBER 14, 2015
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Democracy for America backs Aaron Peskin for San Francisco Board of Supervisors

Burlington, VT -- This morning, Democracy for America, a national progressive group  announced its endorsement of progressive leader Aaron Peskin.

Email endorsing Aaron Peskin for San Francisco Board of Supervisors is below.

Statement from Democracy for America’s Jim Dean on today’s announcement:

“As Supervisor, Aaron Peskin established an unparalleled record of fighting for affordable housing, protecting San Franciscans from reckless evictions, and standing up to powerful developers who wanted to turn needed hotel space into million-dollar condos.

“The problems caused by exploding income inequality aren’t theoretical in San Francisco, they’re very, very real. San Francisco needs leaders who aren’t afraid to fight for working families, leaders who are willing to do what it takes to expand and protect affordable housing, and that’s why Democracy for America is so proud to stand with Aaron Peskin in this incredibly important race.”  -- Jim Dean, Chair, Democracy for America  

DFA is a people-powered Political Action Committee with 1 million members nationwide, including 182,948 in California.

Since its 2004 founding, DFA members have raised and contributed more than $32.7 million and made more than 10.1 million volunteer calls to help successfully elect 831 progressive candidates nationwide.

Full email to DFA members:

From: "Jim Dean"

Subject: San Francisco: Here’s why DFA is endorsing Aaron Peskin

Teresa --

San Francisco has some of the worst income inequality in America. The soaring cost of housing is one of the reasons it's getting worse.

You know it better than anyone. Rents are unaffordable. You can't buy a house in San Francisco for less than a million dollars. And longtime working class residents are being evicted to make way for wealthier people.

Yet when Supervisor Julie Christensen was asked about the eviction crisis last week, she downplayed it. After a fellow Supervisor pointed out all the eviction horror stories, Sup. Christensen claimed most of them hadn't even taken place -- and that in most cases, tenants were the problem.

Talk about tone deaf. San Franciscans quickly responded with the #DearJulieImReal hashtag, telling their stories about how they have been evicted in a city whose leaders too often side with the rich and powerful against the people.

It's time for change. That's why DFA is endorsing Aaron Peskin for the Board of Supervisors. In this crucial election that will help decide whether SF continues to become unaffordable and unequal, he has a proven record of fighting for progressive values.

Aaron Peskin has shown he is a progressive leader. During his term on the Board of Supervisors in the 2000s, he fought to change the Ellis Act to curb evictions, and worked for more affordable housing. He'll work to preserve and expand affordable housing.

No wonder tech billionaires, big businesses, and police unions are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to elect his opponent, Julie Christensen. They know that Peskin's victory could shift control of the Board of Supervisors back to progressives -- and to the people.

This race can make the difference between San Francisco remaining a beacon of progressive values -- or continue becoming a corporate city catering only to those with a lot of money.

Thank you for helping elect a proven progressive leader.

- Jim

Jim Dean, Chair Democracy for America

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