Dean Dozen $$ Release #2

Democracy for America to Make 1 Million Calls Before November 6 Burlington, VT Today, Democracy for America (DFA) announced theorganization has raised over $500,000 dollars for its Dean Dozen candidates since August. Today the progressive groupalso pledged to make 1 million calls to drive the organization's Get-Out-The-Voteefforts before November 6th. These numbers are a strong indication that progressives are in thiselection to win, Jim Dean,Chair of Democracy for America said. Across the country were hearing from ourmembers that theyre ready to do whatever they can to create a Congress thatworks by, of and for the people. OurDean Dozen candidates will do just that. Overall, the DeanDozen candidates are in strong positions moving into November with nine of the12 polling ahead or within the margin of error. These candidates will benefit from upcomingcalls from DFA members nationwide using the DFA Dialer, a Call-Out-The-Votetool. We received a huge financial boost from DFA following the Dean Dozenendorsement, Raul Ruiz, a Dean Dozencandidate running for Californias 36th Congressional District said. Three polls commissioned by DFA threw thenational spotlight on our district and with the polls showing us ahead andsurging, people know that this race is winnable. The support we have received from DFA hasbeen incredible and Im very proud to be a part of select group of candidates. What we do at DFAisnt groundbreaking, but it is working.Organizing the grassroots and building support from the bottom up is a formulathat gives us our power and strength, continuedDean. Our candidates benefit fromthe work that our membership and our team produce. Democracy in this country can still beimpacted by the likes of you and me, we just have to work a bit harder sincethe Koch Brothers and Citizens United have come to play. So far, Democracy for America has raised over $500,000 forDean Dozen candidates. The Dean Dozen isDFA's highest tier of federal endorsement. It is limited to 12 total candidatesrunning for either US House or US Senate and represents the races that DFA willexpend the greatest amount of resources on during the 2012 cycle. Each Dean Dozen endorsed candidate received a crossendorsement from DFA founder, Governor Howard Dean, a commitment to raise anadditional $20,000 dollars in small donations from DFA's national membership, acontribution of $5,000 in financial and in-kind support from DFA's PAC over thecourse of the campaign, on-the-ground organizing support from DFA's regionalfield organizers, and priority in the DFA Dialer, a Call-Out-The-Vote toolwhere DFA members make tens of thousands of calls to voters on a given day.To date, DFA members have given over $38,000 to elect Raul Ruiz. ABOUTDEMOCRACY FOR AMERICA Democracy for America is the people-powered Democratic Political ActionCommittee. With over one million members nationwide, DFA is a grassrootspowerhouse working to change our country and the Democratic Party from thebottom-up. Paid for by Democracyfor America,, and not authorized byany candidate.
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